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Self-Study Programs

Self-Study Programs

We realize that not everyone can commit to a routine schedule of classes. We have, therefore, prepared several self-study programs which allow you to sign up at any time and access the lessons whenever you please -- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can do the work in your own time and at your own speed.*

These programs have been carefully developed to provide you with a high-quality, guided educational experience on an independent-study basis.

* Note: Your access codes for these programs will expire after a certain amount of time, which is listed with the program's registration information.

If you would like to find courses taught by a particular instructor, you can visit our Faculty and Staff page, then click on the name of the instructor to view the courses they are teaching.

Class Offerings for Self-Study Programs

No classes are currently offered by this department. Please check back later.

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