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Professional Astrology Diploma

Professional Astrology Diploma

IAA’s Professional Astrology Diploma Department is a three year diploma program that teaches modern and classical side by side for a well-rounded educational experience that is unique to IAA. Graduates of IAA’s Professional Astrology Diploma Department can delineate a natal chart for personality as well as assess the strength of planets for predictions in all areas of life, where most schools offer only one or the other point of view to chart interpretation. Throughout the program the IAA instructors help the student to develop both astro-speak and client-speak because it is one thing to judge the affects of a planets and quite another to put it in a client friendly way for the person receiving the information on their chart.

The program is broken into two modules each running about 1.5 years. The Natal Studies Module is taken first, then the Diploma Module.

Entrance Requirements: The student must have a fundamental understanding of the planets, signs and houses before taking the first course in the Natal Studies Module. IAA’s Preliminary Education Department offers BASIC-001 for the beginner. After completion of BASIC-001 the student will have the necessary fundamentals to begin the courses in IAA’s Professional Astrology Diploma Department. Please contact the Education Director if you are unsure that you meet the entrance requirements.

The Natal Studies Module focuses on interpretation the natal chart. Each of the seven courses in this department teaches different components of natal chart delineation from both the classical and modern viewpoints, while weaving in the history of the techniques that are taught.

Upon completion and passing of this module, students receive a Natal Studies Certificate and will be proficient in reading a natal chart from the modern perspective of personality and from the classical perspective of assessing strengths.

The Diploma Module focuses on interpreting what is happening now or in the future for a client. This module includes courses on Horary, Electional and Relationship Astrology. Each of the eight courses in this department teaches different techniques to answer a client’s current pressing concerns. Students will first be introduced to advanced techniques in both systems, enabling them to make an informed decision on their year three options.

Year three of the Diploma Module splits into two sections. The student chooses to focus on the advanced interpretive techniques of either modern or classical astrology. If the student wants to learn both, this can easily be done as year four. These courses are identifiable in the program by the letter proceeding the number and title of the course. Courses that begin with a C teach advanced classical predictive techniques and those that begin with an M teach advanced modern predictive techniques. Courses that begin with CM teach both methods side by side.

Upon completion and passing of this module students receive a Diploma and the credentials Dipl.IAA. IAA is an ISAR affiliated school, which means our curriculum meets the requirements to sit for the CAP exam should the graduate decide to do so. IAA graduates can also apply directly for NCGR-IV certification bypassing the exams for levels I, II and II certification if they choose to do so. Please contact the Education Director for help with submitting the necessary paperwork to the certifying organizations if you choose to go that route after graduation.

FAQ’s about the educational experience at IAA.

Are your classes online? Yes, all classes are online - live and interactive. Classes meet online weekly via an audio-visual platform with the instructor and classmates. Each class is recorded and sent to the students to download and play back anything they want to hear again. We offer flexible class scheduling to accommodate students everywhere in the world to the best of our ability. If the course times listed do not work for you, contact the Education Director to facilitate a scheduling change.

How does the learning process work at IAA? IAA offers a three part learning process geared toward both the theory of the technique and putting it into practice. First, the student reads the assigned chapters in the course material before coming to class. Second, the instructor covers the material in the audio-visual class meeting room and students can ask questions at any time as they arise. Additionally students participate in showing their understanding of the week’s topic via chart examples and discussion questions. Third, homework is assigned. The homework is also part of the learning process. Students work with their own chart and the charts of others whom they know well for practice in applying the technique learned that week. The instructor gives feedback on the homework to expand the student’s understanding beyond its current reach. This allows the course to be tailored to each individual student’s needs.

How often are your courses offered? We offer 5 nine-week terms per year. Terms begin in January, March, May, August and October.

Can I take a term off? Yes, you can take a semester off at any time and still continue with the program. However, if you take more than a year off you will be required to take a re-entrance exam to ensure you are still up to speed with the expectancy level of the course you left off with. Also, if there seems to be a drop-off in your work, we may suggest a review.

What if I have to miss a class meeting? We know life isn’t always consistent and from time to time students will have to miss a class. When this happens, inform your instructor of your absence in advance so he or she is not waiting for you. You will be given the recording of the class and are still expected to turn in your homework on time. There are no make-up classes under any condition, including the extremely rare technological glitch where there is no recording.

How much does it cost? Each course costs $420 plus a $75 administrative fee. The total cost of the program can be ascertained by multiplying that number by the 15 courses in the three year program. Students pay for each course as they go, but can purchase the entire Natal Studies Module up front at a discount if they wish. Financial arrangements can also be made for those with difficulty coming up with the $495 all at once. Please email the Financial Officer for assistance in this matter.

Do I have to purchase books or materials separately? Yes, the reading materials are purchased separately. The required materials for each course are listed on the individual course page below the syllabus. Course materials are purchased separately and expected to be obtained before the first class meeting.

Am I required to purchase astrology software? Not initially. We want to be sure Astrology is something you want to stick with before spending money on software. By NAT-5, at the end of year one, it is expected that you have your own software or astrology app that is capable of producing the chart components mentioned in the syllabi of this and subsequent classes.

Are there credit transfers from other schools or certifications? This will be answered on a case by case basis. Please contact the Education Director with the complete syllabus of the course(s) you inquiring about transferring and an official record of your grades from the institution. Include the frequency and type of homework assignments type and exams that were given. Your transfer inquiry will be considered by the education committee.

Are scholarships available? Yes, from time to time, ISAR and AFAN offer scholarships for students who have completed one year of study as a member benefit. We do not keep track of which organization is offering scholarships, the amount of scholarship money available, or their application deadlines. Please contact the organizations directly for this information.

If you would like to find courses taught by a particular instructor, you can visit our Faculty and Staff page, then click on the name of the instructor to view the courses they are teaching.

Modules in Professional Astrology Diploma

Natal Studies Module

This area of study will bring a modus operandi in natal chart delineation. A student will learn every facet of ... [read more...]

Courses in this module:

Diploma Module

The completion of essential astrological knowledge, the Diploma Module carries the student into the essentials of professional techniques and knowledge. ... [read more...]

Courses in this module:

Additional Courses in Professional Astrology Diploma

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